Package Tray Trim Stopper

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The Package Tray Trim Stopper (#64373-42020-B0), a critical body part in the Package Tray Panel system, holds the trim panel in place. As the vehicle moves, this component maintains the stability and positioning of the panel, preventing it from shaking or dislodging. Genuine Toyota parts are designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle, and the Package Tray Trim Stopper (#64373-42020-B0) is no exception. If the stopper becomes old or broken, the trim panel may become loose, compromising the interior aesthetics and potentially causing distracting noises while driving. Regular replacement of the stopper is therefore necessary to uphold the integrity of the panel system. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all our parts, including the Package Tray Trim Stopper (#64373-42020-B0). A functioning stopper contributes to the vehicle's overall efficiency by maintaining a well-held and secure interior, keeping you focused on the road for a safer driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 64373-42020-B1;64373-42020-E0
Part Number 64373-42020-B0
Color Name Blue Gray

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