Governor Retaining Ring

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The Governor Retaining Ring (#35794-22010), a crucial drive-chassis component in the Rear Oil Pump & Governor (Atm) system, serves a significant role in managing the rotational speed of the transmission parts. As a non-negotiable component, it secures the governor in the transmission system, which in turn controls the shifting of gears based on vehicle speed. Recognizing the importance of this part, it's essential that it be replaced periodically. As it ages, it could become worn or even break, potentially causing the governor to malfunction. This could lead to erratic gear shifts or transmission failure. Toyota Autoparts recommends using genuine parts for optimal vehicle compatibility. Moreover, all genuine parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By replacing the Governor Retaining Ring (#35794-22010) with a genuine part, you enhance both the efficiency and safety of your vehicle's transmission system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35794-22010

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