Vacuum Tube Connector Hose

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The Vacuum Tube Connector Hose (#44771-WAA03), a pivotal Drive-Chassis part in the Brake Booster & Vacuum Tube system, serves a crucial function. This hose facilitates the transfer of vacuum pressure in the system, allowing the brake booster to function and provide power-assisted braking. Genuine Toyota parts, like this one, are optimal for compatibility with Toyota vehicles and are supported by Toyota's unique parts warranty. The efficiency of the Vacuum Tube Connector Hose (#44771-WAA03) diminishes over time due to wear, clogging, or damage. Neglecting replacement may result in insufficient vacuum pressure, which can severely impact the brake booster's power-assist function, leading to increased braking effort. In conclusion, the Vacuum Tube Connector Hose (#44771-WAA03) is a paramount component in maintaining the safety and efficiency of Toyota's brake system. It is paramount to replace this part periodically to uphold the system's optimal function.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 44771-WAA03

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