Vacuum Tube Connector Hose

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The Vacuum Tube Connector Hose (#44771-WAA01), an essential Engine-Fuel part in Toyota's Cylinder Block system, plays a pivotal role in managing the engine's vacuum pressure. It ensures the vacuum system's seamless operation, which is integral for the overall engine performance. The hose connects various vacuum-related components, effectively channeling vacuum pressure where needed. Failure to replace a worn-out, clogged, or broken Vacuum Tube Connector Hose (#44771-WAA01) can compromise the engine's performance, potentially causing poor fuel efficiency and emission control. Genuine Toyota parts are specifically designed for compatibility with Toyota vehicles, and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering peace of mind alongside superior performance. In essence, a well-maintained Vacuum Tube Connector Hose (#44771-WAA01) contributes to the engine's efficiency and the vehicle's safety, reinforcing the importance of regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 44771-WAA01

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