Back Door Lock Control Assembly

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The Toyota Back Door Lock Control Assembly (#69790-52030), a crucial body part in the Back Door Lock & Handle system, serves a significant safety and accessibility role. It operates the locking and unlocking mechanism for the back door of Toyota vehicles, enhancing security and enabling easy access. This assembly involves various components such as lock cylinders, actuators, and linkages, all working in harmony. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for compatibility and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As time goes on, the Back Door Lock Control Assembly (#69790-52030) may become worn out or even fail, potentially leaving the door locked or, conversely, unable to secure. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary to maintain vehicle safety and proper functioning. Ultimately, the Back Door Lock Control Assembly (#69790-52030) contributes significantly to maintaining the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle's back door system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69790-52030

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