Front Door Inside Locking Cable Assembly

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The Front Door Inside Locking Cable Assembly (#69750-0E050) is a crucial component of the Front Door Lock & Handle system in Toyota vehicles. This Body part is primarily responsible for securely locking and unlocking car doors from the inside. The cable assembly is mechanically connected to the door lock, and when the interior door handle or lock switch is activated, it pulls or pushes the lock mechanism, respectively. Like any other part, it may become worn or non-functional over time, leading to issues with door locking and potentially compromising the security of the vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended to replace this part periodically with genuine Toyota parts for optimal compatibility and performance. Genuine parts are additionally supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Keeping this part in excellent condition is vital for the safety and security of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69750-0E050

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